When it comes to the end of a Toyota lease, people often have questions. Here we answer three common ones we often get:

What Are My Options When My Lease Ends?

You’ll have quite a few choices when your lease agreement ends.

If you really like your car, you may want to just think about signing a new lease to keep it. Or, maybe you’d like to upgrade to a newer version of the same vehicle. Perhaps you want to try something else? If you’re leasing a sedan, consider an SUV for your next lease.

If you’re tired of leasing, you’ll have the option to buy your vehicle. And if you’ve made other arrangements, you can also just turn the car in.

Can I End My Lease Early?

While you can end a lease early, this isn’t ideal, especially if it is almost over.

For one thing, you will have to pay an early termination fee, which can be steep. If the financial aspect is making you think about ending the lease early, there are other options.

Taking out a loan to buy it may result in smaller monthly payments than the ones you have right now. Plus, once the car is yours, you can do with it what you like, including selling it.

My Lease is Ending Soon, What Do I Need to Do?

In addition to considering your next move, there are a couple of other things to think about.

First of all, pay close attention to your mileage. If it looks like you’re going to go over the annual limit, try to adjust your driving habits to avoid having to pay the overage fees.

Also, if the vehicle is dirty or cluttered, give it a nice clean and make sure any belongings are taken out.

Any other questions about leasing? Get in touch with Centennial Toyota near Henderson.