If you’re thinking of trading in your old car for a new (or newer) one, now is the time to do it. Check out these trade-in tips courtesy of Centennial Toyota.

Make it Look Its Best

Does your car have some small scratches or maybe a ding or two? Consider getting any minor cosmetic issues fixed. You should also give it a very thorough cleaning that includes cleaning the upholstery, vacuuming the carpets, and shining up the dashboard.

Find Relevant Documents

You must be able to show that you’ve been a diligent car owner. This means that if you have service and maintenance records or any other paperwork concerning the vehicle’s care, that you bring those down to the dealership.

Check Its Value

While you may have some idea of what your car’s value is, you should have more than a ballpark guess. Once you enter some basic information about your vehicle into our online form, you will have an accurate estimate of what you can get for it. This comes from Kelley Blue Book, so you know you can trust the results.

Centennial Toyota Makes the Trade-In Process Easy

If you’re ready for something new, Centennial Toyota in Las Vegas wants to make the trade-in process as simple as possible for you. Check out what your car is worth and come down to our dealership. We’ll give it a quick inspection and let you know what we can offer you for it. We will then help you pick out your next great car.