When you buy a new Toyota vehicle from our dealership, we’ll help you take care of it for the long haul. That’s because Centennial Toyota isn’t just a dealership. We’re also a Toyota service center that you can depend on, and we can help you find all of the Toyota parts you’re looking for.

Commonly Replaced Parts

A 2020 Toyota Highlander comes equipped with a variety of important components that have jobs to do, but not all of these parts are meant to last for the entire lifespan of your vehicle. Instead, you’ll need to replace these parts eventually, meaning that you’ll need the help of one of our experienced mechanics. Commonly replaced parts include the engine oil filter, which keeps impurities away from your engine, and brake pads, which are critical parts of the braking system that keeps your vehicle operating safely. Parts like headlight bulbs, wiper blades, tires, and batteries also need to be replaced eventually. It can be hard to keep track of how long each of these crucial components is made to last, but our expert mechanics can help you keep track when you stick to a routine maintenance schedule and pay us a visit once in a while.

Why Choose Genuine Toyota Parts?

When we replace parts in your vehicle, we only use official Toyota parts. There’s a reason for this. Generic aftermarket parts can be less expensive, but the quality can vary. A genuine Toyota part is made by the company that made your car. It’s often backed by a warranty. Simply put, we’re confident that our genuine parts will last longer and do the job better than a component built by another manufacturer.

So if you’re in Henderson, NV and wondering “Where can I find reliable car battery service near me?”, you have your answer. Visit our Toyota dealership and service center and see how easy it can be to get the assistance that you need!