Are you familiar with the history of the Toyota Prius? Since its debut in 1997, this humble little hybrid sedan has taken the world by storm, laying the groundwork for hybrid vehicles to come. See what makes this model so unique by learning its history, courtesy of Centennial Toyota.

1997: The Toyota Prius Hits the Scene

The Toyota Prius first hit the market in 1997, debuting as a Japan-exclusive offering for its first model year. It was the first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in the world, which set it apart from comparable sedans on the market.

2000: Going International

The rest of the world didn’t have to wait long to see the Toyota Prius in action. In 2000, an updated Toyota Prius was ready — and this time, the model shipped internationally. This model now had significantly higher power output and driving range, owing to its catering to international marketplaces.

2003: The Second Generation

For the 2004 model year, the Toyota Prius received a significant facelift, with tightened contours and improved interior space. New to the vehicle was an all-electric A/C compressor and a smaller and lighter NiMH battery.

2009: Driving Modes

Alongside the third generation in 2009 came selectable driving modes. Power mode improved performance, Eco mode optimized fuel efficiency, and EV mode switched to pure electric power.

2015: A New Look

The fourth-generation Toyota Prius debuted in 2014. The model looked significantly different, with smoother edges and a bold, striking design.

2022: The Future

With the fifth generation Toyota Prius, the vehicle takes on a futuristic look that’s still as elegant as ever. The available E-Four all-wheel drive makes driving on any terrain simple.

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