Every vehicle has its own recommended maintenance schedule. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that there aren’t hard and fast rules to maintaining your vehicle. If you encounter the following warning signs, you should schedule a Toyota oil change sooner than later at Centennial Toyota.

Your Fuel Efficiency is Suffering

Does it seem like you have to stop at the gas station to fuel up more often lately? Have you noticed your fuel efficiency isn’t what is used to be? This could be a sign you need fresh engine oil in your vehicle.

Your Engine is Louder than Usual

Engine oil helps lubricate your engine parts, which minimizes friction, and, in turn, minimizes engine noise. If you’ve noticed your engine knocking or grinding, you probably need an oil change. A ticking noise usually means your engine oil has become too dirty and your vehicle may be struggling to start.

Your Engine Oil Has a Different Consistency than Normal

Does your engine oil have a thick, yogurt-like consistency? Is it full of dirt and debris? Dirty oil can begin to wear down the surface of your engine, so it needs to be replaced.

Your Engine Oil is Darker than Usual

Is your engine oil a dark brown or black? Oil should typically be a golden color and closer to yellow than black. Dark engine oil is a sign that it has become too dirty or old and is due for a replacement.

An oil change just requires a quick and simple visit at our Las Vegas auto service center. Visit us today for the service you need – we’ll make sure you’re back on the road in no time in a vehicle you can trust!