Ready to start focusing on Toyota service? National Car Care Month is the perfect time to do so. Give your Toyota vehicle a little more attention by scheduling some key service appointments at Centennial Toyota. Here are a few of the ways you can celebrate this month.

4 Services to Schedule During National Car Care Month

  • Rotate or Replace Tires: After winter, test the wear and tear of your tires. If your tires are in good shape, schedule a tire rotation to keep the wear even. If not, then use one of our parts specials to get a new set of tires.
  • Charge or Change Battery: Test your battery to see if it’s still charged. If not, take the time to get a new car battery. You’ll need a fresh battery to keep the A/C running all through the warmer weather.
  • Top Off All Vehicle Fluids: At this point, check your windshield wiper fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid. If needed, top off your fluids to refresh your ride.
  • Clean Out Your Car: Though not exactly a service, getting a car wash is a great way to start spring. Take it a step further and get a car detailing.

Visit Our Toyota Service Center

Don’t put off Toyota service any longer! Schedule your next appointment with the expert auto technicians at our Toyota service center. Visit our Nevada Toyota dealership today to learn more!