Toyota cars are some of the most reliable and safe vehicles available today. Here at Centennial Toyota, we pride ourselves on our selection of both new and used Toyota models. And we know that if you’re searching for a quality, reliable car, you’ll find it here. But not only that, we’ve got you covered with Toyota service.

But what about those drivers who’ve found their car already? Car maintenance is a vital aspect of owning any vehicle. And knowing when and how to care for it may not always come to everyone as easy. We’ve got you covered.

When You Need Maintenance

Now with spring upon us, it’s one of the best times to bring in your Toyota for service. After a long winter with a lot of dirt and grime buildup, your car has been through a lot. That’s why taking care of your car in spring is a great way to ensure it will keep working for you all summer long.

Most modern vehicles offer what is called an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system. This system smartly keeps track of your operating conditions and will alert you to needed service. However, another way to keep track of your vehicle maintenance is to go by a mileage-based system or the twice-yearly system.

Prepping for Spring Maintenance

Whether you’re following your vehicle’s own recommendations or following a mileage-based system, spring is a fantastic time to service your car, get it cleaned, and ready it for the summer ahead.

Before you get any service done on your vehicle, we recommend cleaning it out thoroughly and removing any valuable items. Servicing a clean car not only makes our job easier, but it also means you never have to worry about anything you might have left in your car.

For all your Toyota car service and maintenance needs, Centennial Toyota has your back. Schedule your service appointment today.