Before you start searching for pre-owned cars in Las Vegas, it’s important to do some legwork first. Being prepared will help you get a good vehicle at the right price, so follow these expert tips before signing on the dotted line.

1. Know Your Budget 

The nice thing about a pre-owned vehicle is that you know it will be a lot cheaper than a new one. You still need to figure out how much you can afford to spend, however.

While you can focus on the total price, it may make more sense to think longer term. If you plan on financing, consider how much money you can supply for a down payment and what you’re comfortable paying every month. You should also see how much your current car could be worth as a trade-in. 

2. Know What You Want 

In addition to figuring out which make, model, and body style you want, there are many other things to think about with your vehicle. Do you need a car with good gas mileage? Are you going to require a lot of room for passengers or cargo? Will it need to do some work like towing? Determine what’s important to you.  

3. Know Where to Go 

Once you’ve got the money and must-have components down, it’s time to pick a dealership. Because you may need to be flexible with some of your choices, it’s important to choose a place that will give you a big selection.

The dealership you choose should have a variety of makes, models, and years to pick from. For an even wider choice, be sure that your dealership also carries Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. 

Once you’re ready to find the perfect pre-owned car, come down to Centennial Toyota to see all of the models we have in stock.