Don’t know which Toyota parts you should buy? Get ready for the warmer weather with help from our team at Centennial Toyota. Here are the top five Toyota parts you should buy this spring.

  • Wiper Blades: Every driver knows that spring means more rain and condensation than before. To get ready for these showers, replace your old wiper blades. During the winter, your wiper blades can get damaged. A fresh pair of wiper blades will keep your windshield spotless and make it easier to drive in the rain.
  • Fluids: After the winter months, refresh your vehicle by topping off all your vehicle’s fluids. Start with your motor oil and transmission fluid. A quick oil change can have your engine running like new and new transmission fluid will give you greater control.
  • Tires: Now that the asphalt will be heating up, you’ll need new tires to handle the heat. Every Nevada driver knows just how hot it can get here, so switch out your all-season tires for a new set of summer tires with fresh treads.
  • Car Battery: As you drive, your battery loses charge and can weaken over time. Get a new one installed for spring, so it doesn’t die while you’re on the road. You’ll find that even a simple recharge can have your Toyota vehicle performing like it’s brand-new.
  • A/C & Air Filter: Now that temperatures are rising, you’ll need your air conditioning to function properly. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car without A/C. Take this time to check your air conditioning is working and replace your air filter. A new air filter will keep your cabin free of contaminants.

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