Have you been searching for a vehicle and wondering about used cars in Las Vegas? You will be pleasantly surprised to hear there are major benefits to buying a pre-owned car, particularly a quality used vehicle from Centennial Toyota.

They’re More Affordable

To put it simply – used cars are cheaper. Even if you have a vehicle in like-new condition, extra mileage on the odometer will give you a lower price. In fact, we have many used cars under $10,000.

Plus, when you buy a more affordable car, most of its added costs will be cheaper too. Your car insurance and registration, for example, will oftentimes be more affordable.

They Depreciate Less

A new model can depreciate as much as 20 percent in just the first year alone. Then, they typically depreciate by approximately 15 percent every year after that.

When you consider a used model, you can avoid a lot of that initial depreciation. This helps tremendously if you’re considering trading in your vehicle down the line because your trade-in value will be closer to your purchase price.

There are More Options Available

When you are trying to shop for an affordable vehicle, it can be hard to find exactly what you want out of a new car, if there are even new vehicles you can afford.

Oftentimes, advanced features and amenities are an added cost, which can leave you feeling like you’re compromising. However, with an older model, you may be able to afford the upper trim levels and the premium features you want.

Ready to shop for a quality used vehicle? We’re confident we’ve got just what you need! And, if you don’t see the model on our lot, we can help you find it. Reach out to our team to get started today.