When you need new or replacement Toyota parts in the Las Vegas area, you don’t have to look any further than Centennial Toyota. We provide and use genuine OEM parts whenever we repair your vehicle or address any parts that need replacement. One area that people often neglect for too long is their brakes. We often let our breaks wear out a little too much before addressing them.

How Brakes Work

Understanding all of the mechanisms that go into making your brakes work would make you an expert- it certainly isn’t straightforward, but there is a way to break down what you experience.

You start by pressing on the brake pedal. As you press down, the master cylinder pressurizes hydraulic fluid (brake fluid) through the line to each of your car’s wheels. Next, the brake calipers push their pistons towards the brake door. The brake pads attached to the caliper are pressed into the rotor, and finally, friction is applied and slows and stops the wheel.

Common Toyota Brake Issues

When your brakes start to wear out or if something is breaking down, you’ll likely notice specific signs. These are common issues to look out for:

  • If your car starts shaking or shuddering when you brake, this is an indication that there’s an issue with your rotors.
  • There are several reasons why it might feel weird when you press on the brake pedal. However, if it feels weak or spongy, these are signs that there could be an issue with the hydraulic pump and calipers.
  • Any and all squealing noises are definite signs that you need brake service.

Getting Your Brakes Taken Care of

When you have any Toyota brake issues in the Las Vegas area, no one has you covered like Centennial Toyota. With the best, genuine OEM brake parts, trained technicians, and a welcoming place to wait, getting your brakes fixed is a breeze. Visit us today.