Your engine is the heart of your car. Whether you have a new 2021 Toyota Camry or you’ve been driving the same Toyota Corolla for ten years, your engine is the vital organ that powers everything else. 

That’s why here at Centennial Toyota, we take Toyota service seriously. Not only do we have a state-of-the-art service center, but we’re also staffed by highly trained Toyota technicians who know the ins and outs of your car. 

Common Car Engine Problems

There are many reasons that your car could be experiencing engine issues. And while you can often tell something’s wrong thanks to a few telltale signs like sputtering, longer starting times, etc., not every issue is always apparent. 

Poor lubrication is a huge cause of a failing engine, but it’s not always apparent. Your engine relies on clean oil to lubricate all its moving parts. So when that oil dries up, your engine creates damaging friction. Schedule regular service appointments to prevent poor lubrication. 

Another sign that you need engine service could be due to aged spark plugs. Spark plugs ignite your engine, but as they age, they become less effective. If you notice your engine turning over repeatedly before starting, spark plugs could be the cause. 

Finally, any jerkiness, strange sounds and smells, and sputtering are all indications you may need engine service. Luckily, Centennial Toyota is here to help.

Service your Toyota Engine at Centennial Toyota

At Centennial Toyota, we know how scary it is when your engine encounters trouble, whether it causes you to have to stop driving or not. When you bring in your Toyota for engine service, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. We have highly advanced diagnostic tools to isolate your issue and will take the appropriate measures to get you safely back on the road. Visit our website or call us today to set up a service appointment.