Now that we can finally see summer in the rearview mirror, it’s time to focus on fall. And to help ensure that your Toyota has a great season, these are the Toyota service tasks to focus on:

Tire Inspection

How old are your tires? Or, perhaps more importantly, how many miles have they racked up? If the treads are looking shallow, it could be time for a new set. At the very least, they should be rotated and at the proper inflation level to improve both performance and safety. While you’re at it, consider having your alignment checked as well.

Fluid Top-Off

Certain systems in your car rely on fluids, and they have to be at the right levels. Be sure to check out the fluids for your transmission, brakes, and power steering, along with your coolant. Don’t forget about your windshield wiper fluid too, as you’ll need it when conditions become dusty. You may also want to think about getting new wiper blades if your current ones have seen better days.

Brakes and Hoses Check

When temperatures get very high, certain parts of your car can suffer. The belts and hoses are generally at the top of this list, as the rubber they’re made of can crack and split when things get hot. You’ll want to see what kind of havoc summer played on these components and have things fixed or replaced if necessary.

Battery Inspection

High temperatures can also hurt a battery, so that should also be checked. It’s always a good idea to know how much charge is left in your battery, as they typically only last about five years before needing to be replaced.

To get your car ready for whatever weather is coming, count on the service center at Centennial Toyota in Las Vegas.