Safety should always be a big concern for drivers. This is why you have to make sure that certain components are always in great shape, and the braking system may be at the top of that list. To keep your brakes in fine condition, our Toyota service center has three tips:

Don’t Over-Strain Them

Every time you step on your brake pedal, you put a strain on your brakes. Getting a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds to slow down and stop takes a lot of effort. This is why you shouldn’t be doing things to make your brakes work harder.

For example, give yourself plenty of stopping time before approaching a red light or stop sign. Also, don’t tailgate; you just never know when the car in front of you will stop short and you’ll have to slam on your brakes.

Get Them Checked Regularly

It’s because brakes do so much work that they need to be inspected regularly – about every year. This lets technicians give them a close look to see what kind of condition they are in. And, if things are wearing out or there is an issue, it can be taken care of before it leads to a safety hazard or an expensive problem.

Only Use the Right Parts

When it comes to car parts, you have two choices: genuine or aftermarket. Genuine parts come from carmakers. They are made with the finest materials, provide a precise fit, and offer the best performance. Aftermarket components are lacking in all of those areas, which is why you don’t want to use them in such an important system as your brakes.

If your brakes are acting up or you just want to make sure they’re in good condition, get in touch with Centennial Toyota near Henderson to have our techs take a look.