It’s important to have a good idea of how the basic components of your Toyota work, as well as why they may not be working. One of the most important Toyota parts is your battery, and this guide will let you know why they can fail:

Why a Battery Dies

There are many possible reasons why a battery dies or perhaps keeps dying, including:

Lights are Left On

This is perhaps the most common reason why a battery dies. While most cars will give you an alert that your headlights are on, you also need to make sure the dome light and any other interior lights are off.

 Extreme temperatures

We’re certainly no stranger to hot temperatures in the Las Vegas area, and when the mercury gets too high, this can cause a battery to fail.


If your battery has a corroded connection, this can also cause the entire thing to stop working. Fortunately, in many cases, corrosion can be taken care of with proper cleaning.

Loose Connections

In addition to corrosion, you should look for any loose battery connections. Again, this is typically a pretty easy fix.

Old Battery

If your battery keeps dying and requiring a jumpstart, there’s a good chance that it is on its last legs and will need to be replaced. A typical battery only lasts about five years, which is why it is worth getting checked regularly.

Get Your Battery Inspected at Centennial Toyota

Without a good battery, you’re putting yourself at risk of a breakdown every time you drive. To make sure yours is in good shape, make an appointment with the service center at Centennial Toyota. We’ll let you know what kind of charge it has left and how you can best maintain it.