When you’re considering buying a car from a used car dealer, there are lots of factors to consider — the vehicle’s condition, age, features, power, and price all come into play when you’re making your final decision. Keep these tips in mind when test driving a pre-owned car.  

Review the Vehicle History Report  

When you’re interested in a pre-owned vehicle, it’s important to consider its history. Even if it has all the features you want, if it won’t be resilient and reliable, it’s not going to be a wise investment. A vehicle history report gives you a peek at vital information about a car’s past, including:  

  • Accident data 
  • Service and repair history 
  • Type of use 
  • Ownership history  

With just your desired car’s VIN (vehicle identification number), you can find all this information and more online.  

Look at the Vehicle’s Condition 

Along with the vehicle history report, you’ll want to visually inspect the cars’ condition. Do you notice a lot of wear? Do the tires seem deflated or uneven? Do you see any cracks in the windows or windshield?  

You want to make sure a vehicle isn’t going to need costly repairs as soon as you purchase it. Pre-owned cars from Centennial Toyota go through a number of rigorous checks to make sure they’re ready for the road. Still, you should always double-check the vehicle’s condition — it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Test the Performance 

When test driving a pre-owned vehicle, you want to determine whether its driving performance is up to snuff. Does the car drive smoothly, or does it feel jerky or bumpy? Does it pull to one side? Can you navigate the car with ease?  

For quality used cars for sale in Las Vegas, look no further than Centennial Toyota. Your dream pre-owned car is only one test drive away!