If a light suddenly pops up on your dashboard, would you know what it means? All car owners should be aware of the possible warning lights that may appear, which is why our Toyota service center put together this helpful guide to Toyota warning lights.

Check Engine Light

If you see a shape that resembles a submarine or a helicopter with a small propeller, you may be experiencing engine trouble. This is something you should have looked at quickly, but it could also be a minor issue, like a loose gas cap.  

Oil Change Light

If a dripping oil can light appears on your dashboard, this could mean one of two things. It could be that you don’t have enough oil or that your car is due for an oil change. 

Tire Pressure Light

An exclamation point in the middle of a horseshoe shape is a tire pressure alert. This is letting you know that the pressure in one or more of your tires is getting too low.  

Airbag Light

A light that looks like a sitting figure with a circle in front of them is the airbag warning. This system could be disabled or there might be another problem that could affect deployment.  

Battery Light

If you see a box with a plus and minus sign light up, this is telling you something is wrong with your battery. The issue could be related to a faulty charging circuit or perhaps bad wiring.  

No matter what light appears on your dashboard, you definitely don’t want to ignore it. To have your car examined by experts, make an appointment with our service center at Centennial Toyota in Las Vegas.